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Business administration degrees can lead to higher salaries

Business administration degrees can lead to higher salaries

Thursday, Jun, 21, 2018 08:31PM

As a growing number of institutions of higher learning begin to make education more available to working adults and nontraditional students, individuals who wish to accelerate their careers may want to consider enrolling on a campus-based or online college degree program.

For example, business professionals have several options to earn a business administration degree at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

To help these individuals earn higher degrees in a short amount of time, some schools are partnering to create combined bachelors and masters programs in business.

For example, several universities in Missouri have joined forces to allow students to apply the credits they earn during undergraduate study to an MBA program, the News-Press reports.

Some of these schools joined the partnership to enable their students to earn more advanced degrees while university administrators work to receive accreditation for their own MBA programs, according to the media outlet.

Similar degree programs have been created at brick-and-mortar and online colleges across the country to help nontraditional students further their education and earn higher salaries without sacrificing their personal and professional responsibilities., a research company, says that average salaries for holders of MBA degrees range from $73,350 to $167,141, depending on the field, position and years of experience.

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