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Campus-based and online schools offer environmentally driven degree programs

Campus-based and online schools offer environmentally driven degree programs

Tuesday, Jul, 17, 2018 10:38PM

As the green movement continues to grow in popularity, career experts expect that the number of environmentally driven positions will grow. Fortunately, many classroom-based and online colleges are developing masters degree and post-graduate certificate programs that could lead jobseekers into one of these fast-growing career fields.

As many eco-friendly industries are still in the development stage, masters programs in these fields may cater to individuals who have studied finance, management, environmental science or engineering. In addition, degree candidates who complete a campus-based or online college degree program while they work may be able to apply what they learn in the classroom to their current positions.

Individuals who enroll in a masters or post-certificate program may take classes in subjects such as the science of climate change and its impact, climate change policy analysis, energy production and technology and carbon management as well as finance, the JHU Gazette reports.

Masters degree holders who want to launch a green career but do not have the time or finances required by a PhD program may want to enroll in a campus-based or online school to earn a certificate, which could help them gain the skills they will need to enter one of these emerging fields.

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