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College programs online could give students real-world experience

College programs online could give students real-world experience

Monday, Sep, 10, 2018 02:01PM

In today's competitive job market, students who couple a campus-based or online degree program with experience are expected to have favorable career prospects. Consequently, many colleges are launching initiatives that can help students gain hands-on experience while they work toward a degree.

For example, an Alabama-based school recently created a program that allows students who are pursuing graduate degrees in criminal justice to work with a local police department. The 10-month project enabled these degree candidates to help police officers, detectives, and forensic experts solve a cold case by listening to the recorded testimonies of witnesses and suspects and tracking their behavior over time.

Similar opportunities could enable students to learn firsthand about best practices for gathering evidence, interviewing suspects and witnesses as well as other investigative techniques. Job applicants who have honed these capabilities are expected to have the best career prospects, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Furthermore, students who are enrolled in online degree programs may be able to schedule their coursework around these experiences, and immediately apply what they are learning in their classes.

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