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College programs online could help students earn multiple masters degrees

College programs online could help students earn multiple masters degrees

Wednesday, Jul, 18, 2018 02:33PM

As budgeting issues and financial aid shortages continue to plague the higher education sector, many campus-based and online schools are working to solve these problems by helping students finish college more quickly. In fact, some universities are partnering to help these individuals earn multiple degrees by combining their coursework.

For example, news channel WRAL reports that two North Carolina-based colleges have created a dual degree program that will enable students to earn juris doctorate (JD) and masters of public administration degrees in four years instead of five.

School administrators said the program is intended to save students time and money, and help them enter the public service sector. Graduates of this program may choose to work for local governments, nonprofit organizations or law firms.

Officials also hope that the state government will begin offering job training or internship opportunities to individuals who enroll in the degree program, which is slated to begin next fall.

Students who take on similar coursework at campus-based or online colleges may be able to pursue a great deal of real-world experiences. For example, students in Missouri recently had the opportunity to learn how to lobby lawmakers on issues such as the death penalty, the Griffon News reports.

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