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Computer Science School Relocates to Historic Building

Computer Science School Relocates to Historic Building

Tuesday, Jun, 5, 2018 04:44PM

Some students in Utah earning their computer science degree will have the opportunity to live in a historic building in downtown Salt Lake City. The school hopes to change the art deco building into a dormitory to give students a true college experience.

The university announced the plans on August 30 to use the 11-story building built in 1924, which has been in use by The Salt Lake Tribune for nearly seven decades until the publication moved in 2005. According to officials at the school, the top six floors will house students and the bottom five will have administrative offices, labs, project rooms and 16 classrooms. The building will open in October 2013.

The for-profit schools serves students differently than a traditional for-profit university that often caters to working adults. Most students at the school are right out of high school and will attend school year round. Students applying to the university will also be required to have a proficiency in math and an obvious passion for computers.

"We have been anxious to get more students living downtown. We really want it to be thought of as a college town. University students add a vibrancy to city streets that’s difficult to get from other groups," Jason Mathis, Downtown Alliance executive director told The Salt Lake Tribune. "I can’t think of a better use for that building. It’s great to see historic structures used in ways to continue their lives well into their future."

Students earning an online computer science degree have constantly expanding options once they graduate. After studying advanced mathematics, computer theory and program design, students can dive further into a specific field by studying computer forensics or software development. The constantly changing field offers salaries often starting around $55,000, can include job titles such as software architect, computer systems analyst or database administrator.

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