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Cyber crime degree holders may see improved job prospects

Cyber crime degree holders may see improved job prospects

Tuesday, Jul, 3, 2018 05:51PM

Individuals who choose to study information security at campus-based schools could see increased job opportunities as the demand for similar skills continues to gain national attention.

To address the growing need for digital protection, Aviation Week Magazine has announced it will hold the Aerospace and Defense (A and D) Cybersecurity forum in Washington, DC, next month.

Topics that will be discussed at the event include the changing dynamics of cyber threats, theoretical assessments, practical sessions on protecting data and securing data transfers, reflecting on global vulnerabilities as well as analyzing efficiencies. Security experts from A and D companies and government agencies will teach attendees cost-effective methods to reduce cybersecurity risks at their organizations.

In addition, executives from top companies will explain how they protect information flows, how to support trustworthy interoperability beyond internal networks as well as identify and deter hackers.

Similar events could inspire many organizations to increase their cybersecurity efforts. In turn, individuals who have received training in campus-based or online degree programs on how to protect a company's digital assets could become more marketable to employers.

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