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General nursing degree holders could find jobs in the public health sector

General nursing degree holders could find jobs in the public health sector

Tuesday, Sep, 11, 2018 02:12PM

While the healthcare industry as a whole is expected to grow quickly over the next few years, market experts say that the public health sector will provide a great deal of new jobs. As a result, many campus-based and online colleges are creating degree programs that can equip students with the skills they will need to launch careers in this field.

For example, an Ohio-based university recently added a masters program to its public health education offerings, Med City News reports. Last year, the school created its college of public health, which already allows students to work toward bachelors degrees or enroll in certificate programs.

Students who choose to pursue a masters degree in public health may pick from several specializations, such as epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health sciences, social and behavioral sciences or health policy and management.

These types of degree programs may be ideal for individuals who have completed bachelors programs or earned their nursing license RN and hope to move into a different field, such as health education.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for health educators in the public sector is expected to increase by 18 percent over the next eight years.

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