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Georgia college unveils new online MBA program

Georgia college unveils new online MBA program

Sunday, Jul, 16, 2017 06:11PM

A university in Georgia has announced that it will offer a master's of business administration degree online this fall, according to The George-Anne.

The new offering will be available at the college's brick-and-mortar counterpart; however the online option gives students all over the nation the chance to earn their business administration graduate degree. What is unique about this career track is that the Georgia institution is requiring that those who apply have previous business experience.

According to the news source, prospective students should have at least seven years of experience under their belts prior to applying. The program will run in 10-week sessions.

While it is similar to the current MBA program running at the university, the only difference is in its structure, as it is tailored for individuals who already know the basics, thus eliminating certain courses that beginners may need.

The school hopes that this new online track will give students the opportunity to network with each other as well.

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