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What is a Residential Construction Associate Degree?

HVAC, plumbing, electrical, foundation, drainage and drywall are just a few of the considerations homebuilders have to be cognizant of when turning a blueprint into a home.  Likewise, the maintenance aspects of every home follow along similar lines. Whatever is required to build a home is something that may eventually need repair or replacement.  Whether you are interested in a construction career or would like to start your own company in the home repair and maintenance business, 866MyMajor has the residential construction associate degree programs that can get you on your way.

New home construction is a multi-billion dollar industry for developers, construction companies, banks and other lenders.  Because of the invested wealth associated with home ownership, home renovation is also a billion dollar industry.  By earning a residential construction associate degree, you’ll gain the skills and qualifications to enter the field of construction or renovation, and can easily further your education with certificate programs for different areas of specialization within these fields.  With a small investment in academics, you could soon be enjoying the career of a lifetime. 

866MyMajor is one of the few online education portals offering a wide selection of construction related certificates and degree programs to choose from.  From carpentry to heating and cooling system repair, we want to be your first choice for finding the best that the field of residential and commercial construction and maintenance has to offer.  Click on the links above to view our residential construction associate degree programs or view the career training drop down on the left menu.  If it’s related to construction, you can find it at

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