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Los Angeles university adds forensic science degree to online programs

Los Angeles university adds forensic science degree to online programs

Saturday, Jul, 8, 2017 04:25PM

A Los Angeles, California-based college known for its extensive selection of online programs has announced that it will now offer an online forensic science degree focusing on science, law enforcement and criminal justice.

Those who are interestied in taking courses to receive their forensic science degree online will benefit from an intriguing virtual laboratory, in which field experiments come to life through the computer screen.

Nonfictional cases will be presented to students in a variety of situations and they will learn how to assess the crime scene, perform a proper investigation and collect evidence in an appropriate manner. These practices are very similar to those in a physical classroom, so those pursuing an online forensic science degree program will not be missing out on important learning opportunities.

Courses will cover everything from blood stain evidence and fingerprint analysis to DNA, footwear impressions, ballistics and much more. There will also be sections of the program devoted to cyber-crime investigations.

Students who complete the program will be awarded with an associate of forensic science degree in occupational studies.

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