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Many campus-based and online colleges are integrating social media

Many campus-based and online colleges are integrating social media

Monday, Jul, 9, 2018 09:45PM

Social networkers who are considering pursuing a campus-based or online degree program may have a competitive edge as more professors begin to integrate social media into their curricula.

The Gainesville Sun reports that many professors are creating Twitter and Facebook profiles to harness new forms of communication with their students. As many modern learners are already familiar with these websites, educators can use them to keep their students engaged outside the classroom.

While some professors are creating mandatory Facebook groups for each class, other teachers are using Twitter as an alternative to textbooks. Many of these educators believe that the social media site can link students to internet resources and learning materials and save them money on book fees.

Many professors suggest that learning to use social media for a variety of purposes could help students gain the skills they will need to succeed in the modern workforce. In addition, they can develop a professional online persona early on, which could prove beneficial when they begin to search for jobs.

33 News, a Texas-based television station, reports that some educators are using social media and online college courses to eliminate many of the boundaries that are created by traditional learning systems, including limited class times and students' unwillingness to participate in class.

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