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Many companies help employees enroll in online colleges

Many companies help employees enroll in online colleges

Friday, Aug, 24, 2018 09:45PM

In an effort to strengthen their workforces, many companies are launching initiatives that are intended to help employees earn online college degrees.

For example, Blockbuster recently announced the launch of an alliance with an online school that is intended to make higher education more accessible to its employees. Individuals who participate in this program will receive discounts on their tuition and apply credits they may have earned from other campus-based or online college courses. Furthermore, employees may be able to receive college credit for some of the company's on-site training sessions.

Working adults who wish to earn college degrees may also be able to ask their employers for tuition assistance, as some companies may be willing to oblige these requests if the employee plans to use their education to improve the quality of their work. College degree candidates may also inspire competition in an office setting, which could lead to a more qualified staff.

Company-funded programs can also help working students avoid a great deal of educational debt. As the College Board reports that tuition costs are expected to rise across the country, students whose employers will foot the bill for a college degree program may be able to secure their financial future.

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