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Online University Adds to its List of College Programs Online

Online University Adds to its List of College Programs Online

Wednesday, Jul, 5, 2017 11:43AM

In order to give its students more options for online master's degree education, officials from a web-based university recently announced that they will launch a new master's degree program in creativity and innovation. The course of study will be part of the institution's school of technology and professional studies.

According to university officials, students who enroll in this program will learn how to recognize problems in settings that may include corporate environments, educational facilities and the military. These professionals will also be able to create a number of solutions to these issues using creativity and innovation.

School officials said that these skills can be useful in many companies, as businesses like Disney, K-Mart, Time Warner and Pepsi have positions such as vice president for innovation and chief creativity officer.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this degree, it may be a suitable advancement program for people who hold a variety of undergraduate credentials. For example, the skills learned in these classes may benefit those who currently hold a human resources degree, as well as individuals who have an information technology degree. 

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