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Online college courses could help ADHD sufferers succeed in school

Online college courses could help ADHD sufferers succeed in school

Saturday, Aug, 4, 2018 09:57PM

Students who wish to earn a college degree but suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be more likely to succeed in college programs online, new research suggests.

Analysts from Insight, a company that provides online courses for high school students, report that students who have been diagnosed with the disorder tend to do better in online courses rather than classroom-based classes. These courses are designed to keep students engaged and prevent them from dropping out before graduation.

Recent figures suggest that 21 percent of high school students with ADHD skip class on a regular basis, a total of 35 do not finish high school and 50 percent have trouble sleeping.

To help these students succeed, online classes give them "something for the interactive and the auditory, [which are] the two main ways kids learn," said Neil Peterson, founder of the Edge Foundation, which works to help students with ADHD do well in school.

High school seniors who have trouble focusing in school may want to get tested for the disease, as 50 percent of ADHD sufferers go undiagnosed. Furthermore, students with similar problems may want to consider taking online college courses that can keep them engaged.

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