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Online college courses in nuclear engineering could lead to high-paying careers

Online college courses in nuclear engineering could lead to high-paying careers

Wednesday, Oct, 10, 2018 09:35PM

The engineering industry is slated to grow swiftly in the coming years, which could mean good news for individuals who have completed campus-based or online college degree programs in this field. However, some sectors are expected to become more lucrative than others over the next decade.

For example, the nuclear engineering field is slated to offer a great deal of jobs as more companies explore the potential of nuclear power.

Despite the difficult job market, students who have completed bachelors programs in nuclear engineering are likely to find work immediately following graduation, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. As a result, many prospective engineers are looking into the nuclear sector, which has prompted several schools to increase their offerings on this subject.

After reporting record enrollment in its nuclear engineering program, a Pennsylvania-based school announced it will use federal funding to enhance this course of study. For instance, the university is planning to offer new classes in topics such as nuclear power's impact on the environment, according to the news source.

Similar programs could steer students into a high-paying career, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nuclear engineers working in May 2008 earned an average of $97,080 per year.

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