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Online college degree programs could lead to high-paying careers

Online college degree programs could lead to high-paying careers

Tuesday, Jul, 10, 2018 09:46PM

As the online education sector continues to grow, individuals who have completed online college courses may gain the skills they will need to launch careers in several industries, such as human services or homeland security.

Individuals who have earned bachelors degrees may want to consider furthering their education while they work to accelerate their careers. Fortunately, many online colleges are now offering advanced degree programs that can enable working students to continue learning without halting their professional development.

As these institutions grow in popularity, they are expanding their offerings to cater to students who wish to combat the difficult job market. For example, one college has recently developed a masters degree program in homeland security, which could help professionals launch careers in the fast-growing information security sector.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for computer and information systems managers with similar certifications are expected to grow by 17 percent over the next eight years.

Professionals who are seeking careers in fields such as human services that require a doctoral degree may also want to consider the offerings of college programs online, as holders of these degrees may be able to land highly coveted jobs at prestigious companies or government agencies, such as the Family Services Review Commission.

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