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Security and Progress Found with Finance Knowledge

Security and Progress Found with Finance Knowledge

Tuesday, Jun, 12, 2018 03:17PM

A recent survey, "The Mergis Group's Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index," found that professionals who are working in the accounting and finance sector are more secure with their jobs than they were at the beginning of the year, and they are more secure on average than individuals in other professional fields. Similarly, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the valuable skills of finance and accounting programs that put them in a similar, secure position in their careers.

For instance, many entrepreneurs can earn an online degree in finance to help them make valuable predictions about the future, make effective commitments of time, energy and money to build a solid client base on a large scale and to measure and assess progress. Participating in an online accounting program is an ideal solution for small business owners that are looking to the future of their company. Such individuals need to make commitments to invest time, energy and money to help design and attract customers.

While many entrepreneurs are benefiting from an education in finance and accounting, those that have pursued a career in the field are finding security and stability from the degree, as well.

The Mergis Group’s Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index reported that 74 percent of employees in the field are confident in job security, which is a 1 percent increase since the beginning of the first quarter of 2012. Similarly, 60 percent of participants were confident in their current employer’s prospects and the longevity of the firm they are currently working with. Similarly, the financial services sector continues to add jobs, which is the first time this trend has happened since March.

"This job creation and demand mirrors what we are seeing with our customers,” Ursula Williams, executive vice president of Randstad Finance & Accounting told the CPA Practice Advisor. “More companies are starting to feel secure and able to make additional hires. We continue to see demand for jobs in finance, as well as an uptick in hiring for financial analysts.”

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