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Students in online college courses can access their schoolwork on the iPad

Students in online college courses can access their schoolwork on the iPad

Sunday, Aug, 5, 2018 09:22PM

Individuals who wish to earn a campus-based or online college degree may not even need a computer to complete their coursework, as Blackboard has announced the launch of an iPad application.

On the heels of the release of the mobile device, the online learning platform provider has unveiled an application called Mobile Learn, which will enable students to manage their schoolwork on the iPad, The Journal reports.

Users will be able to communicate with professors and fellow students, access grade information, connect to class blogs and discussion boards, and reach their school-based email.

A Minneapolis-based school has already found success using MobileLearn in a computer-based format, as the majority of students who began using the platform to manage their coursework said they developed a more thorough understanding of the content covered in their classes after adopting the technology.

Officials from Blackboard say they plan to unveil a similar application in June, which will be accessible from iPhones, iPods, Adroids and BlackBerry devices. Although the iPad application is free, the new program is expected to be available on a license basis.

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