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Technical College Adds Online Associate's Degree in Administration

Technical College Adds Online Associate's Degree in Administration

Sunday, Jun, 4, 2017 02:28PM

A Wisconsin-based college recently announced that it will offer an online administrative professional degree beginning in the fall of 2011.

The two-year program is designed to equip aspiring professionals with network management skills by exposing them to the latest advancements in software and technology. In addition, some of the lessons will focus specifically on dealing with the public, which is a significant responsibility for administrative assistants.

Although the school will still offer the campus-based associate's degree, the online option will be added to cater to working professionals who cannot attend classes during the day. The academic dean of the institution said that the program can help individuals move up in their respective careers, from assistants to supervisory or management roles.

People who want to launch their career in the business world may also benefit from pursuing a public administration degree or information technology degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employment opportunities for administrative assistants will increase by about 11 percent over the next seven years. There will be above-average job growth for these professionals in the healthcare and social assistance fields.  

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