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University offers special services to military members

University offers special services to military members

Sunday, Jul, 30, 2017 02:04PM

The military men and women who serve the country make sacrifices everyday to maintain the nation’s security. Recently, a California-based university has decided to make it easier for servicemen and women to obtain their degree online.

The educational coordinators at the school have been specially chosen to assist the military in furthering their education. Staff involved in the project all have a service background to help them better relate to the specialized needs of the troops.

Various branches of the military have taken part in the program, including the U.S. Navy and the National Guard. The bachelor's and masters degree obtained by the students can be used to further their military career or aid them in transitioning into the civilian sector.

All coursework can be completed online. Servicemen and women who obtain a degree through these courses have choices such a business degree, paralegal degree or a criminal justice degree.

Those military members who are taking part in the program say they look forward to the benefits of an online degree, such as allowing them to become officers and move up further in rank.

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